Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6th

Hello all you wonderful people who like to keep up with me!!! So I want to give a quick praise to the Lord for blessing me with $15oo a few weeks ago!! I was in a pinch for my tuition and I was basically going to have to cut classes in order to stay in FMA however the Lord was just so awesome in the way he came through for me in the nick of time. I just wanted to share with all of you the goodness of the Lord and how he is mighty to save, I want him to receive glory and honor for this, it is truly him keeping me here and it's by things like this that proves he wants me here!
Ok so now for my heart's journey over the last few weeks or I guess it's been a month! I feel like a totally new person in the Lord, um there's so much to explain and say so I am going to nab something I read along time ago that I saw in Nicole's notes on facebook. She is reading a book called Deep Unto Deep which I was required to read last year for school and now I want to go back and read it again because she posted something that explained exactly what is going on here in my little heart! So Nicole if you read this sorry for stealing kinda haha!

Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
True Friend of my heart, true Lover of my soul,
My heart is hurting. My soul is aching.
All that I have ever been,
All of my “beauties” falling, falling to the ground.
The goodness, the righteousness,
The good intentions and “right” motives,
Dropping layer by layer…
Leaving behind one that I do not even know or recognize…
The Lover of my love strips me
And as the hidden things are uncovered
And the exterior beauties taken,
I am not what I thought I was.
I know it is by Your hand that I am stripped.
Though it hurts immensely,
I recognize it as a Love deeper than my heart has ever known
Taking away what will not stand
That He might crown me with His true beauty
And clothe me in His robes.
Truly, I am not the one that I thought myself to be.
They ask me “then who is the one who comes?”
I look only to Your eyes and say,
“She is nothing but what He alone speaks her into being.
His words alone hold within the essence of who she is. She is His.
Please see only Him. He is the beautiful. He is the pure.”

Ok if I try to expound on this, I won't be able to stop typing. So I just want to say one thing only. I am astounded, blown away, shocked, at the way the Lord loves me. The more he shows me his love the more I say, "What the heck is this???" Jesus is Holy, he is completely other than, there is NO other lover like him. Ok that's where I'm stopping! Can I just say that I love him so much! Your all in my prayers!!!


nicole said...

You are awesome Torre!! I just found your blog attached to the Dawodu's and SO enjoyed going through all your thoughts and seeing what God's doing in your life!!!

And I LOVE Deep unto deep, I feel like every chapter I read relates to another step in my journey with God at this point in my life. I've been stuck on chapter 3 for a while now, haha...and I posted that on my facebook page without expounding on it, because, like you, I don't think I could ever stop typing, but it's totally where I am right now with God! Keep pressing into Him and believing Him for big things!!! I can't wait to hear how He will continue to use you and work in your life :-)

Carlee said...

Torre, thank you so much for laying your heart out there for us to is like a breath of fresh air to hear what the Lord is doing in and through you. Torre, I believe that the Lord has SO MUCH MORE for you than you have ever imagined! He desires the best things in life for do not settle for ANY of the lesser loves. Go after all that He has, it will bring amazing fulfillment to your life and he will "wow" you withthe best He has to offer!