Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hi all!! Sorry it's been a while since I've put up a post, it's been a little busier for me since I started this last module. Which leads me to what I'm going to share! This module is called Eternal Glories of an Intercessor and I've been blown away ever since the first day of class. God has revealed so much to me about the way I should be praying and living. My biggest revelation is that Christ has seated us in the heavenly places with him, which means we can take that place even now. We have so much authority that Christ longs to give us if we just were dead to the world and alive in the spiritual realm. I have been so challenged to go up the the heavenly places and live and walk in the spiritual realm and take the authority that Christ has given me and call forth things that were not as thought they were! We get there by more revelation of Jesus, so my prayer has been asking God to give me revelation of who he is. In class we pray in the spirit every day and when we do, we are encouraged to focus on the scripture of Revelation 4, Jesus' throne room and the 24 elders and the creatures crying "holy, holy, holy". What is God like that they can't stop saying that??? I want to know! There has been so much more that God has been doing to my spirit through this class and among other things, my flesh wants to tell all because I have a "look at me" attitude but God has been pressing on my heart to go low and just pray about all this for a while. He will not give his glory to another and I want to be the last person to ever try and glory in my flesh. Right now I just now that God is moving, he's showing more and more the power of my prayers, strongholds are being torn down in lives right now and the Holy Spirit is getting ready to do something big in the hearts of my fellow classmates and others here at IHOP. JESUS IS COMING!! WOO HOO! I encourage all of you to get a hold of Corey Russel's cd, "Ancient Paths" it's rocked my world over these past few weeks and is still doing surgery on my heart! Please Please Please email me, write me, call me if there is anything you want prayer for, I want to agree with you before the father!! Have a wonderful week, BLESSINGS!! OH Merry Christmas get excited to celebrate such a beautiful gift!