Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 11th

Hello everyone! So life here in Kansas City is going great! This last month has flown by but I feel like a lot has happened. After spring break I started working at Pier 1 about 20 hours a week and then getting full swing back into things after a two week break was kind of rough. We just finished our second to last GBF week of the semester and the last 3 weeks of classes were the toughest I've been through yet. I have 12 classes that I'm juggling on top of practicing 6 hours a week for voice and going to the prayer room 18 hours a week, oh ya and working 20 hours a week! So there was a while were I was just really overwhelmed and really going through a dry season, going to the prayer room was basically a time to do homework for me and I was getting really discouraged. I felt like I was being given all this information and teaching and I didn't have anytime to take it in and that was even more discouraging because I want to get all I can out of my education and this environment. During that time, I actually had the first desire to go home. My plan was to stay here this summer and do summer classes (which I just found out that isn't an option for me anymore) however, I started to feel a shift in my heart to want to pour myself out. The more and more I thought about it and prayed about it, I just began to see this inner desire to serve my church this summer in whatever way I can. So after about a few weeks of praying about this we had a prophesy lab in one of my classes one day at school. We basically just broke up into groups of 4 and each took turns praying and prophesying over each other. A quick side note with that : It is an awesome thing when the Holy Spirit just quiets all your feelings of inadequacy and decides to use you anyway, it's awesome because you know it's Him and not you! So when it became my turn for my group to pray and prophesy for me, there was a particular word given to me that just really confirmed my going home. The word was about how God has a wealth of treasure stored up in me and He wants to start using it and drawing from it to bless and edify others. To make a long story short that night in my small groups meeting, I basically got the same exact word again! So after that day I just knew in my heart that God wants to use me this summer to do exactly what he said, to bless and edify. Now my plans are to come home for the summer and just be a servant in anyway I can to my church. And throughout all of this, God has totally brought me out of that dry discouraging season my spirit is so much more alive, I now have a drive to finish these last few weeks of school with perseverance and strength! I have about a month of school left and I want to give it my best, please pray that God gives me grace to run hard and be diligent! Thank you all for your prayers for me and I am continuing to stand in faith and prayer for all of you too!